How it all began

Our family business was first established in the 1940s, in the ilk grotto street, right behind the nativity church by our great-grandfather, the archbishop of the nativity church at the time. Now four generations later, we are still here in Bethlehem! Our store has grown and relocated but still carries the same values and goals. If you have had the chance to visit our shop, you will have surely been greeted by a family member with a big smile. Our shop holds various olive wood, mother of pearl, jewelry items made by locals. Young artisans, small factories, and family owned workshops, all located in Bethlehem. By doing so, our shop supports 150+ Christian families trying to make it in Bethlehem. It’s our aim and duty to try help locals stay and thrive in our little town as opposed to relocating to seek employment elsewhere. By purchasing items from us, you will not only be buying great quality and unique pieces, but you will also be a vital part in helping preserve the Christian identity of Bethlehem.





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